More Panties From Drew Barrymore

Drew is hitting it out of the park with these panties, and that’s not easy to do with panties because physics. I adore these very full brief panties with a very retro vibe which is simultaneously modern, because that’s how things are these days. Everything’s been done and yet, has never been done at all. If you need a panty that rides high on the waist and takes coverage and lace seriously, you can’t go past these.

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Never Say Never Booty Panties

These panties come with a positive upbeat attitude and a range of colors, the range being from pretty to oh god why. I admire a lingerie line that isn’t afraid to make panties in a color that almost nobody on the planet wants – except perhaps for people wearing nothing but panties in tactical situations.

Click here to check out these panties and see them in swamp green… (because it’s something you must see, at least once in your lifetime.)

New Year, New Panties!

Happy Panty New Year! Here are three brand new panty releases for 2018, so you can update your panty wardrobe with the latest in lingerie. The first and brightest of the bunch comes from Hanky Panky, who, after years of producing the softest in lace thongs, are starting to get a bit manic with their colors.

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These cheeky panties from Eberjey are utterly adorable. The pretty mesh and lace presents the rear in such a delicious light, no?

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And finally, but not finally, because we’re just beginning the year, but this blue offering from Natori is almost as cheeky. Natori are known for exquisitely fine lingerie, and the rash of blue floral whatnottery across the cheeks makes for a bold statement, and potential bush camouflage.

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Drew Barrymore Has Panties For You

Drew Barrymore has suffered in her lifetime from a lack of career success, but now she’s found panties, I’m guessing things are about to turn around for the actress turned lingerie designer. Drew seems to reckon the pinnacle of pantydom is a pair of modal spandex briefs which offer medium coverage and and innovative mesh panel at each hip. So you can check that they’re still there. Sweet.

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Bare Lace Hipster Panties

Want something low cut and so see through the point of panties is made almost, if not entirely redundant? If so, have I got the panties for you! Calvin Klein produces a rainbow of beautiful skimpy lace offerings. The color shown is ‘pink slip’, but you can find these in everything from ‘amplified blue’ to ‘evocative red’ to ‘perpetua’. (That’s the color of eternity as viewed through a grain of sand and / or a flower, I believe.)

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Violet Lace Desire Panties For Men

Bali understands lace desire, and also the need for full rear coverage. These are panties with every day wearability and beauty all wrapped up in one silky smooth package. Nylon microfiber ensures that you’ll be comfortable as long as you’re wearing these panties, and the high cut ensures that there’s plenty of fabric to go around.

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